Welcome to Ryan & Frost Solicitors and to the firm’s solicitors, Keith Ryan, Ann Frost and Stephen Wood. All three of us are experienced practitioners, having worked in the Northamptonshire area for many years. We offer the vast majority of services you would expect of a high street firm – wills and probate, estate planning, family matters, employment issues, landlord and tenant matters and civil claims, including personal injury.

We strive to provide our clients with an excellent professional service, never forgetting that the personal touch and being accessible to our clients are of vital importance. In terms of value for money, we believe we offer very competitive terms and we are always willing to be flexible when it comes to funding arrangements. Wherever it is possible to do so, we will agree fixed terms with our clients and, in civil disputes, we may be able to offer ‘no win no fee’ agreements.

2018 – CYBERCRIME WARNING – We will never send you e-mails from ‘gmail’, ‘hotmail’ etc. accounts or containing HTML attachments.  If you receive an e-mail that appears to be from us with a domain other than ‘rfsolicitors.co.uk’, or indicates a change of bank details during a transaction, please delete it as it is likely to be fraudulent and/or contain a virus/ransomware.  It is also possible that our domain may have been cloned.  Please do not open, reply to or act upon the instructions in any such e-mail but notify us immediately on 01933 273234.  Regrettably, the firm cannot accept liability for any loss suffered.  As a general rule, if you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of an e-mail please telephone us to check.  Many thanks.

13/09/2018 – NEW CYBERCRIME ALERT – Dear All, it has come to our attention that our “rfsolicitors” domain is being spoofed.  You may receive an e-mail which appears to be from one of our genuine e-mail accounts but is in fact fake.  In the current attempt “< >” is added to either side of an e-mail address which otherwise appears to be genuine e.g. “<info@rfsolicitors.co.uk>”.  In another variation, “from:” is added to the start of an e-mail address.  In the current attempt the telephone numbers given in the e-mail footer are fake and clearly not Northampton or Wellingborough numbers.  We do not use mobile telephone numbers in our e-mail footers.  We urge all our clients to be vigilant and to report any suspicious e-mails to us.  If in doubt please call us on the telephone numbers that appear on our website.  Many thanks.


From the 25th of May 2018 the new GDPR law has been in force.  In compliance with the new law this firm’s Privacy Policy has been updated to clarify how we handle your data.  Please visit the page on this website for full details of our collection and use of personal data.

Solicitors & Commissioners for Oaths/Authorised & Regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority/Ryan & Frost Solicitors is a trading name of SP Law Incorporating Martin Adams & McColl Limited, registered in England & Wales with company number 8942695/A full list of directors is available for inspection at the registered office: 110 Whitworth Road, Northampton NN1 4HJ/DX: 18509 Northampton 2/Tel: 01604 638905/Fax: 01604 638548/Website: www.sp-law.co.uk /Service by fax or email is not accepted.