At Ryan & Frost Solicitors we are committed to seeking to resolve family disputes in ways which avoid confrontation. Whether it is in relation to differences about the arrangements for the children or the family finances, we encourage the parties to be open with one another, to give full and frank details of their circumstances, and to treat each other with respect. In our experience, reaching agreement through mediation and negotiation is a much more preferable, and significantly less expensive, option than pursuing matters in court proceedings.

Areas in particular where Ryan & Frost Solicitors can help are:

  • Preparing and serving divorce petition.
  • Applying for your decree nisi.
  • Applying for your decree absolute.
  • Arrangements for the children.
  • Maintenance pending suit.
  • Spousal maintenance.
  • Pensions orders.
  • Lump sum orders.
  • The matrimonial home.
  • Property adjustment orders.
  • Enforcement of orders.
  • Cohabitation disputes.

If you would like to discuss any of the above mattersĀ  or any other family law matter please contact Keith Ryan on 01933 273234.